Dean Foods - Deans food 16 oz shrinks to 14 oz

Burbank, Illinois 1 comment

Deans food has shrunk their 16 oz items to 14 oz.Why not 13.2222 oz or 11.1111 or some other equally useless size.

Try using that in a recipe with standard measures - it just doesn't work. Why is this even necessary? I will simply never buy any deans product again or from any other company that follows this practice and save myself a lot of money. The 1/2 gallon ice cream packages that now are 48 ounces I stopped buying years ago.

It just doesn't work. Its completely ***. Once again, the customer comes last. Why not just sell everything in 1/2 ounce containers and charge 5 billion dollars for each.

I stopped buying yogurt when it went from 8 oz to 6 oz.What a moronic concept, shrink the containers.

Review about: Sour Cream.



You might have an awful hard time find products that haven't had the ounces/pounds decreased.It is either that or raise the prices.

When it comes to a one pound container, one or two ounces isn't going to make that much difference. I have tried it in recipes and can't see any difference. I think I first noticed the decrease in ounces in tuna cans, several years ago. This isn't anything new.

Most of the time I can't find a five pound bag of sugar, if I wanted it, most of them are four pounds now.

I have more things to worry about than how many ounces or pounds is in a container.I have a friend who is an extremely fussy cook and she has never complained about being short a couple measly ounces.

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